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Rinaldi Wine Company is in Ricaldone, on the hills of the Alto Monferrato near the city of Acqui Terme. It is in the center of one of the most prestigious areas of Lower Piedmont, where wines very precious and celebrated all over the world originate. The company is family-run and was founded in 1961 by Oreste Rinaldi. Now the activity is continued by his son Andrea.

For over forty years the Rinaldi have “signed” wines obtained from their own vineyards (20 hectares), with rows located in particularly suitable positions from which, among other things, you can enjoy suggestive panoramas of unspoiled nature.

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Our Wines

Moscato, Brachetto, Dolcetto, Cortese, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera e Rosè: our range of wines is presented in what we hope to be its splendor and superb quality. Our commitment is to maintain the tradition of production by combining it with the most modern technologies, to always offer you the best possible products. We also try to take care of the details that seem less important, for example the labels (original, very colorful and representative of the wine they represent), or the colors that we pair to our wines, colors that want to be a vestige of the emotions that you will feel tasting them. From our cellar we only want wines that are remembered, wines to be tied to our memories and the most beautiful moments. And now discover them and then. Try them!

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Rinadi Wines
the cellar of Rinaldi Vini in Piedmont


The cellar

The cellar, intended for wine production, is equipped with cutting-edge machinery in strict compliance with Piedmontese winemaking traditions.

There is also a tasting room for on-site tasting of Rinaldi wines, exceptional ambassadors of a territory, Monferrato, which is one of the small-large homelands where the myth of Piedmontese oenology lives again every day.

A bit of history

The origins of Ricaldone, a town located on the hills of the Alto Monferrato, date back to the period in which the Lombards conquered the Po valley. The name Ricaldone is composed of Runcus (thorn bush, place to till) and Ald (probably the German chief of the military group that occupied the areas); hence Runcus Aldonis from which Ricaldone. The area was therefore classified as “Aldo’s bush”. The vineyards are a fundamental part of the landscape, also thanks to a happy combination of climatic and soil characteristics that favor the cultivation of different grape qualities.

Patrimonio Unesco Ricaldone in Piedmont - Italy
Le territoire Piedmont - Italy

The territory

The cultivation of vines has always been the basis of the local economy so much so that in the law books of the fifteenth century penalties were foreseen for those who stole grapes or cut vines. Our country is also proud to have been an integral part of the youth of a songwriter poet of our times such as Luigi Tenco, whose remains are buried here. The Luigi Tenco museum was born in Ricaldone where it is possible to view the discs, texts and photographs that have the task of preserving and reviving the myth of this Ricaldonese singer-songwriter. Every year, the penultimate week of July, a musical event named after Luigi Tenco takes place, named Isola in Collina.


Piedmont as well as being a region characterized by excellent wines, is characterized by a typical cuisine. Piedmontese cuisine, in fact, offers us robust dishes, with strong and convincing flavors that come to us from the ancient peasant traditions, but at the same time also rich in elegance and refinement. The combination with the right wine allows you to better enjoy these dishes.

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