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Ricaldone is a small village placed on the hills of High Monferrato. Its roots are to be found when Longobardi conquered the Pianum Padana. Its name, "Ricaldone" is composed by "Runcus" (bush, land to till) and Aid (the name of the German chief of the military group that conquered the area). So Runcus Aldonis from wich Ricaldone. The area was named "Bush Aldo". Vineyards are a peculiar part of the landscape thanks to a good combination of soil and climate, characteristics that allows the cultivation of different kind of grapes. The cultivation of grapevine has always been at the bottom of the local economy with the result that in the XV Century's there were statutes with sentences for people stealing or cutting grape. Our village is also proud to have given birth to a contemporary poet and singer, named Luigi Tenco whose modal remains are here buried. Today you can visit the Luigi Tenco Museum, where it is possible to listen records, see pictures and read texts taht have the goal to keep alive the myth of this Ricaldonese song writer and singer. Every year, on the last week of July, there is the musical event dedicated to Luigi Tenco named "Isola in collina" (Island on the Hill).

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